Angus MacGregor

When I was a lad in Scotland, my parents took me to Loch Ness. I was seven years old, and those black waters filled my heart with longing and fear — longing to see the monster, and fear that I actually would. The experience gave me a lasting desire to track down the inexplicable and see if I could uncover its mysteries.

As an adult, I emigrated to the United States and resigned myself to leaving all that behind. After all, the U.S. is a young country, surely too glossy and modern to have those sorts of legends. How wrong I was. Tucked away in small towns and big cities alike are tales of spirits and cryptids. UFOs fly above U.S. soil, and lizard people live beneath it. Tripping Magazine is your guide to these eccentric and engaging places. We hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we do. – Angus MacGregor, editor

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