If someone says, “Stop! The way ahead is strange and dangerous,” and your response is, “Tell me more,” or even, “Piss off, you feartie, I’m going anyway,” you’re the ideal Tripping reader.

If you seek out the uncanny, the eldritch, and the just plain weird, you’re the ideal Tripping reader.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Tripping Magazine travels to the eeriest towns and cities and drags their supernatural denizens into the light, screaming like banshees, which they sometimes are.

But we don’t stop there. We also look for locations with sufficient lodging, a good selection of restaurants, and many family-friendly attractions for you, the traveler with a yen for the unusual. Within Tripping’s virtual pages you’ll find tales of mysterious creatures, unexplained phenomena, and messages from beyond the veil, as well as information on quality boutiques and public transportation.

Welcome to Tripping, the magazine for those who travel off the beaten path and find themselves in the world’s most fascinating places.

Angus MacGregor, editor

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